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Ott Services has the expertise required to assist you in hiring the right type of staff for your business, efficient and effective.

'How To Recruit' made easy.

By staffing your organization with productive, effective staff you can built a winning team from which to expand your company or department. Whether your Human Resource department requirements are to build an exceptional team through hiring new personnel or to evaluate existing personnel, we deliver the results you need.

Small companies who don't have the resource or need for specialist HR department can utilize our systems economically and effectively. Medium to larger organization can integrate our systems efficiently and maximise their performance through more a effective hiring solution.

Our how to recruit solution is simple but effective making the 'return of investment' well worth your attention. Contact us for more information to find the best candidates in a pool of potentials.

Effective Hiring Solutions

At Ott Services, we know that able and performing candidates are not found through conventional means. It is a well-known fact that finding exceptional staff is difficult and time consuming. We have the means to find you the best candidates out of all the applicants by using an advance testing system, Performia®.

In addition, we can train your HR personnel in "how to recruit" - the recruitment process - in order to save you money and time in finding the best personnel for your company. If you only occasionally need Staff or Hiring Evaluation we can do it all for you, leaving you to get on with other pressing matters.

Whether you are looking for replacements or any new personnel we can help you effectively.

Looking for leaders? - we help you finding your leaders.

From writing advertisements, complete database systems to the Recruiting in Access system we got it all covered.

The 'how to recruit' process has not been made easier by the fact that often less performing or non-performing candidates spend the most time in presenting themselves in the best possible light. It is difficult to spot the difference if untrained between a performer and his un-enhanced presentation and a non-performer.

We can take the uncertainty out of your evaluation. Your results are provided by experienced professionals and fast.

Productive versus Accident-prone Staff

Ott Services’ Solutions are your expert source for qualified human resource evaluations. Time and time again companies have to pay - or even go to court - for the damage or accident caused by their personnel. It is a statistical fact that most accidents are caused by a minority of accident-prone staff. Nobody can guarantee no accidents but eliminating accident-prone personnel will be of major benefit to your organization. Whether contract or permanent employees, it pays to know.

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